Green Honey Face Polish
Green Honey Face Polish
Green Honey Face Polish
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Green Honey Face Polish

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Exfoliation is a key step in our skincare routine that removes dead and dry skin along with any other debris that may have been left behind after cleansing. It boosts circulation, increases cell turnover, helps prevent acne and more, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

Our all natural Green Facial Mask is formulated with raw honey, cane sugar, matcha green tea, spinach, spirulina, and cucumber peel to gently exfoliate and smooth skin, leaving your face hydrated, glowing, and dewy without clogging pores.  


About the ingredients:

Raw Honey is a skincare wonder. It's a natural humectant, exfoliator, and offers broad spectrum antibacterial properties which aid in healing skin wounds and irritations. It sloughs off dry, dull skin to reveals new skin cells underneath, opens up your skin pores to cleanse them and its antioxidants, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties allow it to help you fight acne by keeping your pores free of oily dirt while at the same time keeping them hydrated and tight to give your clearer complexion. It does all of this while hydrating and smoothing skin.

Matcha Green Tea is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants which help rejuvenate dying skin cells, combat signs of aging and make dull skin look healthier. It has the ability to maintain collagen levels, which can improve the firmness of your skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea can soothe irritation and itching caused by psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea.

Spinach Powder is full of vitamins A and C that help to cleanse the skin and provide a flawless and glowing skin. Also, the antioxidant properties present in spinach aid in fighting off bacteria that cause pimples and acne.

Spirulina is a wonderful source of chlorophyll, which has cleansing properties and helps your skin retain moisture, which is a major key to maintaining the appearance of smoother, hydrated skin. With its high content of vitamins and minerals, it works to fight free radicals and slow down the aging of skin cells.

Cucumber Peel Extract has anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties for the skin. It is also extremely gentle, and great to use on sensitive skin. It contains vitamin C and caffeic acid, which both fight to reduce inflamed or irritated skin, and hydration thanks to its high water content. The peel itself contains silica, which firms up sagging skin.

Spearmint Essential Oil can unclog skin and promote its cleansing while leaving skin feeling cool and refreshed.


Once or twice a week, gently massage a thick layer into clean damp skin. Rinse with warm water and follow with Balance Hydrating Facial Mist and Balance Facial Serum or Cream.

This is a preservative-free product. Do not introduce water to the jar. Use clean, dry fingers or spoon to apply to skin.

This listing is for one (1) 4 oz reusable and eco-friendly glass glass jar and a wooden spoon for application.

Ingredients: Local Raw Honey, Superfine Cane Sugar, Spearmint (Mentha spicata leaf) Essential Oil, Cucumber Peel Extract, Organic Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Spinach Powder, Organic Spirulina.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


We recommend use with the entire Green Facial Line

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