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Natural products handmade in small batches, never mass produced.


Packaged in recyclable and reusable containers and shipped using repurposed or biodegradable packaging materials.


Made with simple natural ingredients and tested on family and friends, never on animals.


Books + Journals

Planners, journals, notebooks and spiritual and metaphysical books on tarot, crystals, mindfulness and more!

Misty was so wonderful in pointing me toward non-allergy-inducing products to give as gifts this year! I'm so excited to see them in action when they're opened! Thank you for the personal touch, Misty!

Aimee C.

Wicked Soaps has been my go to for my own personal natural beauty products for a very long time. I love that I support a female owned business. I've been a fan and a customer from the beginning. I look forward to all the seasonal creations and well loved products (Moon cream!) and it is my go to place during holiday time to share the the goodness that is Wicked Soaps.

Tina T.

This company is wonderful. The quality is incredible and my skin has been glowing! I absolutely LOVE the scents and the products I have tried. Very professional with, everything! The packaging is esthetically so pleasing. My number one go to. THANK YOU!


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John Doe


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